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O, September

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Christina Marie Speed lives in Brooklyn NY with her husband and 2 sons. Off the mommy clock, she co-edits the Literary Reflections Department of Literary Mama. Her poem Cookie appeared here in July 2009 and she has work forthcoming at Dogzplot. She also maintains a column at Moondance. Keep up with her at her web site. This poem is another delight in the Albright Poets calendar series. Enjoy listening to the audio version as well.

O, September
By Christina Marie Speed

What, with your reds and yellows dotting
Green landscapes, covering my grassy knolls
Where schoolchildren frolicked and danced
Through the scorching heat of midsummer days

Daring jealousy to come out and play
Gritting teeth and donning an extra scarf for
The coming winds of a long Fall and Winter
We turn our shoulder to sharp temperatures

While the yellow buses rev their engines
Mothers in polka-dot dresses blot black tears
And rejoice in this stolen silence, where secrets 
Of other months unveil in Fall homes

O, September, how is it time?
Please take your reds and yellows, pack
Your teasing Indian Summer love
And leave me in my heat to brood.

6 Responses to “O, September”

  1. Jean says:

    Christina, I love your use of color and movement, the feeling of yearning your poem evokes. ~siiigh~ Your voice is clear as a summer day. Thank you for this crisp, beautiful poem. Jean

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful and full of vibrant images! And a treat to hear your rich, strong voice reading the poem.

  3. Carol says:

    Evocative in its mourning morning; a song to summer’s end and autumn’s promise, contemplative and on the picket fence of a dilemma—-to embrace or deny what the universe offers. A lovely, gentle inquiry of one’s self.

  4. Kay Middleton says:

    Don’t we all anticpiate the fall for it’s promised change, and yet the words “blot black tears And rejoice in this stolen silence, where secrets
    Of other months unveil” was wisful and to quote another famous poet, “I meant to write that…”

  5. deborah speed says:

    I loved the poem, and the vivid description. One feels the colors of fall in your poem. Wish I could have beent here to hear your voice love mommy

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