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Picture Book

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Picture Book
By Annmarie Lockhart

All this about a picture
being worth a thousand words,
I don’t know.
I can usually tell that story
in far less than a thousand words.

But every now and then
I come across a photo (or two)
that screams the hidden aloud
and imprints it on skin like a bruise
and writes it across the sky indelibly
so that it can’t be untold again.

I have seen an image (or two)
that rips off the mask
and folds back the skin
and strips to the bone
so the skeleton can’t be costumed again.

I look from time to time
at a certain picture (or two)
that crystallizes the
and leaves me breathless
at my own blindness
and sets me to writing again.

4 Responses to “Picture Book”

  1. Jean says:

    Ah, Annmarie, the verbs make this poem shout its pain and give it power: SCREAMS (the hidden, aloud), RIPS (off the mask), STRIPS (to the skin.

    Thank goodness, the pain serves the purpose of setting you writing again.

  2. BOB CHRISTIN says:

    This poem is superb and exciting, ti teard all the wrapping from an old canard and leave us breathless at the end. So well executed.

  3. Ray Sharp says:

    Makes me think of images of war, like that Vietnamese girl, clothes burned off by napalm, fleeing the village. Of course, photos or memories from our personal lives can leave us feeling flayed, too.

  4. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow, Annmarie, this poem is awesome! This is the first time I checked out this part of the website. Looks like you wrote everything here!

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