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"Highland Fling" by Michael Mandzik

“Highland Fling” by Michael Mandzik

Night Light
By Lynn White

There are light spaces in the dark
Places for light to shine through,
for stars to dance,
for neons to cast
their artificial glow.
Hidden places where glowworms
call to their mates.
And the infinite space where lightening cuts
through the night time storm like glass
and finds a home
in some dark
place and lights
it up.

By Ilona Martonfi

What wills the raven? Obsessed with twining. Pollen baskets of bees. I stand nearer. This loss thing. The extinction, the plural. Dune tidelines. Folding marram grasses. Suckering roots. Collapse them. Move from one plot to another. This ordering of pages. Collation of a set of folia. Reversing erasure. Wide angle camera adding red to the array; here and there bleached out. Walls drawing in. Narrow, unadorned, windowless. Images of cellar rooms. Rectangular steel doors. On a late summer afternoon. This loss thing. The plural. Distorting form with palette knife.

thorned blackberry brambles
using them for nests wild bees
sipping overripe fruit

A New Home
By Laura Zucca-Scott

This is home now
The sun a pale glow
Behind gaunt trees
Reaching for something
Never found

This is home now
A place of regret
Memories throbbing
On the power lines
Never a sunset
Never a sunrise
Just tall shadows
Embracing the silence

Highland Fling
By Michael Mandzik

Its front mostly shaded by hemlock,
the cabin we bought
sat south of the lake.

Not next to it, mind you,
but too good a walk to take a swim,
or a dip, as you were prone to want.

You’d only go to the beach by car.
I’d lug our towels, your chair,
an old sheet to lay on,
and the cooler iced with beer and soda.

The day before we sold the place,
the edge of winter went damp.
Mildew poured out the door.

I bundled our sheets, towels, and suits;
stuffed them all into my truck.
Left the chair out on the lawn.

The long way home rolled slow
down the unpaved mountain road,
as gravel dropped off my tires.