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Image taken at Factory Obscura in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Visit for more information.

Blue Music
By Vicky Allen
I see blue
you hear low, swaying melody
and together
we move
slow dancing
in cool night air
Stars light the way
but we close our eyes
against their silver
and our bodies
they move so slow
Blue music
slow dancing
under starlight

By Ilona Martonfi

This is her mother
about to give birth
her time is near
speaks to her child:

remember my name
you must learn

it was the raven
this morning

you must learn
trees and green grass
praying in silence.
Daughter, I will miss touching you.
It was the raven

searching for you
umbilical moonlight

finding the fertility stone
honey-infused goat’s milk

teaching you how to laugh.
I must leave you now

farm you out.

Infinite Blue
By Laura Zucca-Scott

Deep blue radiating
from a restless core
Circles and shapes
rushing away
in a vortex of moments
Where am I?
What am I?
Am I a healer
or a warrior?
Just a minuscule speck
A light hiding
in infinite blue

By Nathan Gunter

I don’t know where we go
when we go
or what happens there.

I trust no one who says they do.

All I know
is that one day,
the weight of all this life
and the momentum of all this time
will pick my feet up
and carry me away
on a current of memory
and away from here.
Away from you.

Maybe, there will be lounge chairs
mint juleps
and soft Joni Mitchell songs playing.

Maybe I will know who I was.
Maybe I will look forward to seeing you.
Maybe you’ll come one day,
and take my hand,
and we’ll watch the universe come apart proton by proton
for whatever is left in eternity.

Maybe it will all be a nice hallucination
a final gift from this overtaxed brain
to ease me into the last place.

Maybe I’ll shoot into the sky
and explode like fireworks
ringing in a new year.

Maybe I’ll fall asleep.

I don’t know what happens when we go
wherever it is we go
when we’re no longer here.

But I hope you’ll hold my hand when I do.
I hope my very last thought
will be of you, the way you smile at me
like you can’t believe
I ever existed in the first place.