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Michael Lee Johnson  lived ten years in Canada during the Vietnam era and is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. Today, he is a poet, freelance writer, amateur photographer, and small business owner in Itasca, Illinois. Mr. Johnson published in more than 1072 new publications, his poems have appeared in 38 countries, he edits, publishes 10 poetry sites. He has been nominated for 2 Pushcart awards for poetry and 4 Best of the Net awards and has 189 poetry videos on YouTube. He also is the editor-in-chief of the poetry anthologies Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze; Dandelion in a Vase of Roses; and Warriors with Wings: the Best in Contemporary Poetry.

By Michael Lee Johnson

Click here to listen to the Michael Lee Johnson read this poem: 

In the rain,
this thunder
on his way home
he rebelled.
He a disco dancer,
single Friday night award winner
on the floor. High school dropout.
He drove off the road edge.
He was drunk, Jack Daniels
was his driving instructor.
Jack Daniels bottle left at grave.
It never rains in a dry casket.
Shelter under this roof,
no worries about cops—

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