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Alana Saltz recently graduated from Occidental College with a degree in English literature and creative writing. She currently resides in smoggy Los Angeles where she is waiting for whatever comes next. Visit her blog to see some of her photography and more of her writing. Alana’s poem takes us past a sadness to what came before, and that renders it all the more sad somehow.

By Alana Saltz

bike wheels whirl
on asphalt path
over crumpled leaves
tadpole tide pools
and the tallest trees
making a patchwork
out of the sky

a ghost to my left
on an empty swing
the cold metal rungs
stain my hands
and i close my eyes
drop my head back
for a world upside down

i pass the house
where you had lived
and where your mother
showed me pictures
of you at Disneyland
bright eyed and bushy tailed
she said

you’d remember
making clay caterpillars
at my birthday party
and the dropped potted plant soil
that you helped me
scoop up in the hallway
on our last day

i’ll remember
making the bead bracelet
at rehoboth beach
with your letters
and the hotel balcony
exhaling our name
hoping you could hear me


4 Responses to “simon”

  1. Jessie Carty says:

    That second stanza has some really awesome fresh imagery!

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Whew…very powerful. And I agree with Jessie. Love the image of the world upside down

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