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Those Crisp Autumn Days

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Natalie Bosch’s most recent poem to appear here was Not a hobby or a sport; my life (November 2011).

Those Crisp Autumn Days
By Natalie Bosch

Brightly colored crinkly-soft leaves
The smell in the air: nearly indescribable
Sweet but sharp
Soft and almost painful at once,
It brings me back

Back to chore time spent sloshing 5 gallon buckets of ice cold water to the chickens,
Back to long Thursdays spent riding and working with that stubborn horse–my best friend,
Back to the garden kneeling in mulch combating the ever-growing weeds,
Back to unloading splintering firewood off the back of the old farm truck gray and beat up with each dent holding a story of its own,
Laughing and joking, crying and talking, we’ve been through it all together

The gravel under my flat soles crunches as I drift down the driveway,
Meandering toward home, lost in thought
Remembering those crisp autumn days
So similar to these yet so different
In every way

One Response to “Those Crisp Autumn Days”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Lovely memories.

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