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Maureen Donatelli’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ars Poetica” (June 2016)

By Maureen Donatelli

Stars explode in my brain.
I store comets in the chambers of my heart.

My bones, these days
are laced

with black holes.
This is how I time travel.

It’s a daily occurrence.

Spiral galaxies
stretch my muscles.

My fingers brush against
the speed of light

leaving evidence behind
that races into the future, now.

When I lick my lips
my tongue skims meteors.

And the Little Dipper hovers
pouring stardust in my eyes.

There are ghosts in it all, I whisper;
each night they fill me with dream.

5 Responses to “Universe”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Wow this is really image filled and powerful.

  2. H. Larew says:

    “…fill me with dream.” Yes! Thanks for this poem.

  3. Wonderful poem, Maureen. I love the magic of the universe that you share in your descriptions. Beautiful!

  4. It all comes together nicely.

  5. Bobbie Troy says:

    Great images.

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