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What If

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You have read the work of Rae Spencer at vox poetica before: Lore
appeared here in July 2009. This thought-provoking poem makes
illustrative use of compact phrasing to convey complex concepts. It
gets better with every read! To read more of Rae’s work, visit
What If
By Rae Spencer

What if there is only one life
One journey
One soul that never ends

One furious epiphany
That slaughters death
And all its false dominions

So that Being
And Not-Being
Can never be discerned

One as more desired
Than the other
One as more enlightened

Instead, all blood
Pulses in the same tide
Hurls against the same shore

Purls and cools
And curls back into the depths
Before rising again

Always swift
And always salty
And always the breath that ebbs

The soul’s convection
Each restless ascension
Destined to another fall

3 Responses to “What If”

  1. I have read Rae’s beautiful work before. It is strong, succinct and meaningful. Great nominee for the pushcart award.

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