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Winter Shamans

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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was “Winter Bliss” (December 2017)

Winter Shamans
By Molly Frederick

Nearly a foot of snow has fallen,
filling empty places, and wrapping
the woods with wool.
Six young hemlocks, clustered in a curve,
soon repose under the weight
of so much snow.
Dark arms, upswept hands and fingers—
swagged and drooping—subside further.

The trees enfold us, gather our dreams,
discard the sad ones, then begin
to dream for us.
Bare, featureless light has entered
a sacred place, steeped in silence.
Where more darkness,
gracious host to light, wings in.
As more lightness is falling.

2 Responses to “Winter Shamans”

  1. Kay Middleton says:

    Excellent poem throughout! Thanks.

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