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about vox poetica

vox poetica was founded in May 2009. In service to its mission, bringing poetry into the everyday, vox poetica publishes original accepted content daily and an ongoing series of responsive work. vox poetica is proud to nominate annually for the Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

Annmarie Lockhart, founding editor of vox poetica, has been reading and writing poetry since she could read and write. A lifelong Bergen County New Jersey resident, she lives, writes, and works two miles from the hospital where she was born. You can read her words at fine journals online and in print.

Nathan Gunter, managing editor of vox poetica, also is a lifelong reader and writer of poetry. A sixth-generation Oklahoman, he grew up on the Great Plains, is a divinity school dropout and the editor of Oklahoma Today magazine. His work as a journalist, writer, and poet has appeared in several online and print outlets. He also publishes poetry and prose at his blog.

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