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"Eagle" by Glenn Johnson

“Eagle” by Glenn Johnson

By Glenn Johnson

Gone . . .
    No time to say farewell

A cruel twist of fate?
       The fulfillment of fate?

Remember . . . No one knows hour or day
     No one knows hour or day

Who’s to say?
             Too early?
                   Too late?
                          Who’s to say?

Remember . . . No one knows hour or day
     No one knows hour or day

Questions of heart drops pearl tears deepest ocean
    Question’s ripples
          Ever widening circles
              Across endless time and space
                    Countless calling out of voices
                           Seeking solace of answer why
                                   Memories . . . no questions asked
                        Ocean of memories deep as heart can reach
  Heart descends
        Where soul can bathe
             In ocean deep memory one forever loved
                  Creator of love breathing our breath of love
                       In the deep
                             Until day
                                   Ocean never to return
Finally, memory knowing no shoreline of heart
      The Creator’s Eternal Love with our loved one forever one be . . .

By Laura Zucca-Scott

Higher than you thought possible
Brushes of happiness in pastel
Where deeper wounds hide
In the bluest tranquility

I hope you will paint the sky again
And come back with a true smile
Rushing in the wind of colors
Stronger and gentler in the new day

Nowhere to Land
By Pamela Sinicrope

World on fire—Eagle
wings flame like streamers
through clouds and wisp
past veiled eyes—nowhere to land.

He slips through smoke
where river kisses fire, ash dresses
landscape—where bombs
blasted safe havens.

Sentient bird slides into ghost
of atmosphere, casts memories
in oppressors’ shadows—pristine land
scattered into colored bits.

Open mouths hidden in
the wide expanse, beaks reaching
for whatever might fall from sky—
smoky taste of motherland.

The Invisible Man
By Neil Ellman

The exact moment I disappeared
and turned from flesh and bone
to cellophone
with a simple whoosh
is lost in the smoothness
of the glass
and the silence of a cloud
forming indefinite
momentary faces
against a solid sky

I have no recollection
of who or what I was
but there I stand
before a mirror without reflection
or the image I had known of myself
or someone else,
perhaps, how I always was
an invisible man
to others and in my mind
without the integrity
of a simple shape
knowing myself as anything other
than the vision in the glass
I was.

Enroute to Heaven
By Jeanette Cheezum

Upon my passing, I want to fly with the angels.
Soar just below the clouds, where I can
continue to watch over you. Protect you from
storms along the mountain tops and in the valleys.
Please remember to raise your eyes towards the
sky, and send a kiss my way. I’ll know you haven’t
forgot my love for each and every day.