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Standing Ground by Caroline Brae

Standing Ground by Caroline Brae

Standing Ground
By Caroline Brae

I stare at the wide planks beneath my feet
One-hundred-year-old Douglas fir
That grace my new abode in shades
Of burnt orange and black iron
Transforming it from cold to cozy

Thankfully, I stumbled upon them
In the scrap pile at the bottom
Of an old warehouse-turned-sawmill
I am a good bargain hunter
A skill I learned from my Dad

I searched until I found
The perfect foundation
For rebuilding my life
Carving out a space
In the place I call home

These warm sturdy floors
Serve as an anchor for me
A source of strength
To help me reclaim
My standing ground

Worn Steps
By Laura Zucca-Scott

Small steps
Fast steps
Away from the shadows
Into the warmth of a new day

Leaving home
Where your feet
Know their way
In the darkness

Finding solace
Smelling coffee
And hardwood floors