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absurd, abstract, absolutely vox poetica, multimedia, by Gianluca D’Elia, 2010. Image courtesy of Gianluca D’Elia.
Art is inspirational, poetry is an inspired art. What is it you’ve been inspired to write? Submit today and let your work inspire someone else.
submission guidelines

vox poetica welcomes original submissions of all types of poetry. Readers range in age from 7 to 107, so please keep that in mind when selecting material to submit. If it’s porn or graphically violent it’s a safe bet you’ll get a “thank you, but no.” Barring that, I like to read what you like to write. For more of a sense of the type of work likely to be accepted, read the work that’s already been published at vox poetica.
When sending your submission e-mail, please include

  • the word Submission and your last name in the subject line
  • your name, contact information, city and state of residence
  • your poem either pasted into the e-mail (preferred) or attached as a .doc file

You may include a few words about your poem if you choose, but this is by no means required. If you would like your poem to appear with an audio or video component (since vox poetica now offers both of those options!), please mention this in your e-mail. Don’t forget to update your Duotrope’s Digest submission tracker (click on the link below)!

Keeping track of submissions is an organizational challenge, Duotrope’s submission tracker is a huge help. Use it! There’s very little I hate more than to discover I’ve published something thinking it’s a first run only to discover it posted or printed somewhere else uncredited. You should know that publishers don’t like that. It’s a no-no and it’s industry standard. On the same subject, it is perfectly acceptable to submit reprints if they are properly identified as reprints and the original publication information is cited. But keep in mind that original work is preferred and a reprint is rarely accepted.

If your poem is accepted you will be asked to provide a brief bio and links to a blog or web site.

As the author, you retain copyright after initial publication. We do ask that you cite vox poetica as the first publisher if you choose to republish elsewhere. It is also possible that we may contact you in the future about including your work published here in future collections.

Poems published at the today’s words and words to linger on pages of vox poetica move to the poemblog where they are archived and remain available for searches and reader comments.

vox poetica does not charge a reading fee and does not pay a publication fee.


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