It's just poetry, it won't bite


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Matthew Hammerton’s most recent poem to appear here was “Glorious Ocean” (July 2016) Dickinson By Matthew Hammerton Oh woman in white Whose words caress the tongue Whose verses break seasons Who can, in one breath, Distill tenderness And in another Spit words of fire In one sight Spy nature’s rhythm And in another, Peel back all […]

Dear Suki: Number Twenty

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Lana Bella’s most recent poem to appear here was “Dear Suki, Letter A for Autumn” (September 2016)  Dear Suki: Number Twenty By Lana Bella Dear Suki: Tel Aviv, August 20th, metaphor’s a window behind which were gaping cartwheels, copper and bruised and tattooed on my breaths. Yesterday, today, and many others, your words that arched over the […]

Brown Eyes

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Jaclyn Burr’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Cherry Tree” (January 2017) Brown Eyes By Jaclyn Burr I remember arguing, expelling all the wind from my shallow lungs, blood blooming in my cheeks. I defended what I knew: my eyes were a lovely blue— a misty, ethereal, shimmering hue. As I shielded the radiant […]

born through words

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born through words By Jim Mazzouccolo Born through words electronic kernels scattered in the aether taking root in loamy souls; sprouting a bed of intertwining intimacies, shoots taking root in expectant gardeners entrusted with the cultivation of each other

Fine Line

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Devon Balwit’s most recent poem to appear here was “what words?” (December 2016) Fine Line By Devon Balwit             do not brandish the stump             over the heads of others             don’t knock with the white cane             against the windows […]