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Beyond Tomorrow

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Bobbie Troy’s most recent poem to appear here was Anger (April 2014). Beyond Tomorrow By Bobbie Troy if I could see beyond tomorrow I would collect my laughter in a jar and save it for those dark days (you know the ones)  

untitled XXXVI

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Donald Pachinger’s most recent poem to appear here was untitled XXXIV (July 2014). untitled XXXVI By Donald Pachinger observing the man-made pond from one of the many halls of the courthouse attitudes shift in the orderly row of trees  

Value of Life

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Mark Gooch’s most recent poem to appear here was Valentine’s Day Thoughts (July 2014). Value of Life By Mark Gooch Loving mother and wife Grandfather and father Daughter of Mary Smith Steven, Allison and Chris Died June 12, 1933 RIP As I progress through the fenced area, footsteps echoing between the monuments of stone Studying […]

Tokens for the Ride

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Roger Still’s work has appeared at Mount Parable. Tokens for the Ride By Roger Still Lining up, the saints passed out tokens And new bicycles to the passing youth From the back streets and alleys They took the tokens only as far As they could go, which was not far enough Onto the beach, into […]


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Paul Hancock wrote this poem. Leaving By Paul Hancock The worst moment a last look before when we might have spoken other words added meaning to a time we will recall later and wonder if before turning away forever it might have been easier to say something had either of us cared more about what […]