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Let’s Get Wild

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Let’s Get Wild By Dan Morey I want to weed whack In pleated pants. The nice ones You got me for church. Wouldn’t that be wild? I’ll do my taxes Without a calculator, And say something rude To the mailman. Wild! We can sleep past eight, And eat corndogs for breakfast. Then split a wine cooler […]

Death Divides a Life

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Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was “Wait (quiet will come)” (February 2017) Death Divides a Life By Murray Dunlap A red light killed me An old Murray A life divided A new Murray has amnesia An old life forgotten But a new Murray writes a book Marries a priest Moves often, moves on […]

Leaving Ghost Ranch, NM

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Howard F. Stein’s most recent poem to appear here was “Crocus in Winter” (February 2017) Leaving Ghost Ranch, NM By Howard F. Stein  Faces and folds of steep mesas nourish my hunger for perspective. I stand in awe of you, spirit in stone. I cannot stay forever and sate my soul’s craving. I leave you for […]


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echoes By Sharon Lia Robinson i’m in touch with the echoes. the deep secret stones of  life’s dominion. sudden passage ways. the first storm of this winter; a haven. i have found the companionship . . . of a new form within myself. winter solitude finds expression. the voice of shadow. the heart of clay surrenders. […]

2 & 2 keep making 5

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Cary Lynne’s most recent poem to appear here was “last minute poet takes the stage” (December 2016) 2 & 2 keep making 5 by Cary Lynne Uncertainty is an unsought trophy I carry room to room the gold of memory seems plated cheap silver at best every belief I had of you hangs like broken balloons […]