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The Accidental Couple

06.16.19 Posted in today's words by

Andrea Varga’s most recent poem to appear here was “Beauty” (December 2018).  The Accident By Andrea Varga They have many injuries some of them the same, injured to their bodies, souls and also to their brains. They met unusually, through Internet and faith. Their love is not blind like they often say, it grows from […]

The Clock Watching Expert

06.15.19 Posted in today's words by

Judith Cody’s most recent poem to appear here was “Midnight Supper Morning” (May 2019). The Clock Watching Expert By Judith Cody The existence of time is heavy for a thing so fast to spin a minute for us and go like a dust devil goes somewhere where it will soon disintegrate into dead order grey […]

Dancer on the parchment

06.14.19 Posted in today's words by

Fabrice Poussin lives and writes in Rome, Georgia.  Dancer on the parchment By Fabrice Poussin She floats, light with wings of light and breeze, hummingbird her little heart racing through life, she dances in a series of still frames entangled, her hazy costume barely hiding the beautiful soul. In a semi darkness of the corner, […]

What Is There

06.13.19 Posted in today's words by

Alita Pirkopf’s most recent poem to appear here was “I Turn to Paper” (April 2019). What Is There By Alita Pirkopf Years ago, from his car seat, my child commented on what he saw every day; so much concrete all the way—to school, store, play. One evening, through a restaurant window, I viewed straight lines, […]


06.12.19 Posted in today's words by

Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was “#android” (May 2019). #assange By Steven Minchin I know how to make a hush a scream A secret a sensation I can get richer in hiding while being highlighted I know how to tell without leaking A headline and a jailor are making me history

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