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Wrapping your mind in paper

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Jenny Julind lives and writes in Bonn, Germany. Wrapping your mind in paper By Jenny Julind Wrapping your mind in paper Is no good news No matter If your digits rule Or if a thought Is of use You are in no need of Paint It blocks all Shiny things inside Causing you To hide […]


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Aiyanna Zareen studied philosophy at University of San Diego and also was an assistant art librarian. She lives and writes in Lansing, Michigan. Pleasure By Aiyanna Zareen Jewel-bright saris and bright orange marigolds a blue whale delves deeper into blue lemon-white saguaro bloom tangible sunlight      carding alpaca wool           apricots a shimmering hummingbird stops to sip wet […]

First to Bat

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Stephen Sinicrope lives and writes in Rochester, Minnesota. First to Bat By Stephen Sinicrope My whole team behind me, I tap the base twice for good luck, their cheers excite me. The pitcher twice my size grimaces under puffy eyes, throws the ball. I swing. Legs, core, shoulders, arms, all in perfect synchronization, a hearty […]

Rising Dough

11.14.18 Posted in today's words by

Troy DeFrates  lives in northern Wisconsin, U.S.A. He has been published in Spillwords, Writers Newsletter, TigerShark Press, Pangolin Review, and Our Poetry Archive with pending publications in the next edition of The Piker Press.  Rising Dough By Troy DeFrates The patience of rising dough Do not touch me again lest I fall The pureness of […]

Still Life

11.13.18 Posted in today's words by

Jenica Lodde lives and writes in Clarks Green, Pennsylvania. Still Life By Jenica Lodde I don’t need to call you out of your self. I house enough comfort in my own thick blanket of dark. Find me in the quiet places making my own peace. Don’t bring me flowers. Give me the garden: one minute […]

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