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The saint girl child

10.19.18 Posted in today's words by

T.S. Hidalgo’s most recent poem to appear here was “Love will save the day” (February 2018).  The saint girl child By T.S. Hidalgo Because then her life seemed something else and today she’s stronger and more now (or not). It was in Damascus, and it seemed like something else. Her life seemed like something else. […]

Afternoon Delight

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Frieda Landau’s most recent poem to appear here was “(S)Word” (May 2018).  Afternoon Delight By Frieda Landau There’s something decadent about love in the afternoon. Oh, not the quickie like Janet Leigh in Psycho but a slow and leisurely exploration punctuated by brief bursts of passion and languorous naps and sips of wine. Before you […]

Head Stretch

10.17.18 Posted in today's words by

Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was “Promise Land Spoils” (June 2018). Head Stretch By Steven Minchin every time I tire of watching you you wind up in my bed one morning found you there with a dull orange sharpie writing poet on the back of your head what reach reaching what a […]

On the Streets Where I Live

10.16.18 Posted in today's words by

Alita Pirkopf’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Alembic, Artifact Nouveau, Burningword Literary Journal, Caduceus, The Cape Rock, The Chaffin Journal, The Distillery, Euphony Journal, Existere, Good Works Review, The Griffin, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Harpur Palate, Illya’s Honey, Lullwater Review, Moon City Review, The Paragon Journal, The Penmen Review, Quiddity, riverSedge, Rubbertop Review, […]

The Time of My Life

10.15.18 Posted in today's words by

Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was “Trapped in Glass” (September 2018). The Time of My Life By Murray Dunlap An intrepid traveler I hitchhiked through coma I hiked past wheelchair Insanity struck as lightning Shifting gears, I drove to love and happiness I ran to God I could not find my way […]

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