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Treasure Hunt

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Austin Wallace’s most recent poem to appear here was “To a Friend” (July 2016)  Treasure Hunt By Austin Wallace On my 17th birthday I remember you left me clues all over town because love should be fun not flat like champagne on New Year’s Day. You left me a message to look in my glove […]

Fresh Red Paint

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Gary Priest’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Hill” (June 2016)  Fresh Red Paint By Gary Priest Tragedy will hatch with an ominous crack from these manufactured eggs. Aborted fortune runs its slippery fingers, like unwanted attention across the skin. A half-life is smeared in tabloid black across your eyes like fresh cement. […]

Die Fledermaus (the bat)

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Ilona Martonfi’s most recent poem to appear here was “Earth from a cellar” (July 2016)  Die Fledermaus (the bat) By Ilona Martonfi In the noise, in the house, apa, father, nails the bat to a board. “A bat’s claws could catch in a girl’s hair,” he says. It was you who ran and told apa. Found the […]

Unprotected Children

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Gary Beck’s most recent poem to appear here was “Applied Arts” (July 2016). His novel Call To Valor was released in July; order it here. Unprotected Children By Gary Beck Primitive societies exposed unwanted children to the elements, survivors welcomed back having proved worthy of continuation. Civilized societies expose unwanted children to unstable adults who torture, murder their helpless […]


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The last poem by Sushant Supriye to appear here was “a fearful thought” (July 2016)  Fear (Hindi title: Dar) Translated from Hindi By Sushant Supriye You fear acid rain hold in ozone layer I fear snake-bites of betrayal Catch-22 situations You fear computer viruses N-bombs I fear looks of indifference agony of separation You fear haunted […]