It's just poetry, it won't bite


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Donovan James lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Thirty By Donovan James In the serene clarity of age and sobriety, I re-enter the old apartment of this ape, Discarded character traits of Baltimore, The Carolinas Strewn across the floor, Remnants of the passionate throes Of Portland. It’s like entering a room after a party, —Something […]

Fragments of Divulged

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AJ Huffman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Neon Bracelets and Nonsense” (May 2017) Fragments of Divulged By AJ Huffman Time can recall any dream, shift its intensity until it flashes like a star, echoes like an absence. Superstition slithers, a snake lying in my ear, whispering lean forward until I fall face-first into common […]

Death in Minor Key

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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was “In the Pause” (May 2017) Death in Minor Key By Molly Frederick Bedizened by burgundy drops of blood, a robin’s body lies—dead, broken—telling the truth, but not what happened before what happened next. A single certainty was suddenly altered by shocking smears of red. Seconds mattered, though […]

Today or Tomorrow

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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Worth” (May 2017) Today or Tomorrow By Marc Carver I got a cheap burger voucher but it said only for today “is it for any todays?” I asked him.   “Today or tomorrow,” he said. Then a woman started to chat to me then I got another voucher for […]

Fishes and loaves

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Jeremy Nathan Marks’ most recent poem to appear here was “Guns” (January 2017) Fishes and loaves  By Jeremy Nathan Marks ‘That was his language.’ -Rick Moody (The Ice Storm) Sunday drives are passé rack and pinion wishbone suspension don’t possess the same cache In Cadillac Square the sawhorse holds sway. Boston’s aquarium expansion claimed the square […]