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Birth Day

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Juliana Norwood’s most recent poem to appear here was Child Thought (May 2014). Birth Day By Juliana Norwood After the cake smeared in faces are cleaned the torn paper gathered and discarded the chocolate-fingerprinted dress put in the wash the list for thank-yous written the shell-shocked dog coaxed from under the bed and the birthday […]

Crass Simulation

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George K Karos was raised in Martinsburg WV, graduated from Saint James School in Maryland, received his BA from West Virginia University and his MA from American University. For more than 20 years he has worked as an artist, magazine columnist, poetry editor, singer, and performance artist. He has performed in musical venues all over […]

Self Same

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L Ward Abel’s poem Over appeared here in June 2014. Self Same By L Ward Abel …….Mapmakers give lines for when and where it doesn’t freeze. I have to be close to that line tonight. …….Almost where the heat never wanes breathes a coast under half moons made for people who can’t sleep. …….Wide and […]

[Don't Stop Trying to Commandeer]

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Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was Can Kill Above (March 2014). Don’t Stop Trying to Commandeer By Steven Minchin If I don’t stop trying to commandeer your eyes To get to your mind I’ll go mad with speculation See, now that it’s clear that you won’t give, Won’t blindly subside, I’m twisting […]


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Glenn Johnson’s most recent poem to appear here was Blossom By Glenn Johnson Before my eyes, your beauty a pageant, a procession of spring blossomings ever unfolding one after another mesmerizing mysterious shimmers of reincarnated loveliness. How do you do this? I have no clue. Nothing I could make up, too rare to contrive, although, […]