It's just poetry, it won't bite


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Roger Still’s most recent poem to appear here was Burrowing (September 2014). Coroner By Roger Still They laid the gift box flat Unwrapped it for us like holiday morn We stood there blinking against Light and what was obvious Admiring a man we knew well.

At 5 AM

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Peter C Venable’s most recent poem to appear here was Zen Nonsense (September 2014). At 5 AM By Peter C Venable From the deck a million tiny eyes probe mine behind silhouettes of trees and shrubs. The dank air whirls with spirals of light and a crescent moon blushes under a dawn’s pink ruffles.  

What the Words

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Tim Wisniewski wrote this poem. What the Words By Tim Wisniewski What were the words that Paris spoke or whispered softly in her ear that got fair Helen on the boat to leave behind all she held dear? What kind of picture did he paint that filled her soul with such romance, to fortify her […]

If only

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Laura Zucca-Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was Strong (July 2014). If only By Laura Zucca-Scott Nostalgia strikes in a thunder of memories A river running toward the ocean Just today is missing If only time would stop For a moment of grace

Going South

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Amber Lampron’s poem Writing on the Stairs appeared here in September 2014. Going South By Amber Lampron We decided to go south to the ocean When the rest of Minneapolis Was going north to their cabins The price was right And the kids had forgotten The taste of saltwater On their tongues We dove right […]