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Confessions of Love

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Branisha Meekins lives and writes in Williamsburg, Virginia. Confessions of Love By Branisha Meekins Maturity is a virtue, one you lack, most of the time Your love for me keeps you blind or is it your negligence Saying aloud what I      Know              Feel                  Am Contemplating your reaction before I speak Sanity in my thoughts Arguments about […]


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Hiram Larew’s most recent poem to appear here was “Best Not” (July 2017) Find By Hiram Larew Let me wander on your brow Let me lose West and learn North Forever turn towards where— Let me start stop, ask for So adore— Let words float off like lost guides Let your eyes close so I see […]

Brenda’s Turtle

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Lynn White’s most recent poem to appear here was “Unresolved” (January 2017) Brenda’s Turtle By Lynn White When I was a child, Brenda’s turtle walked into the hot, hot embers. No one knew why. So badly burned we thought him ready for an easeful, sleepy death. “No, no” said the vet, “very resilient, turtles, could live […]


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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Cracker” (August 2017) Love By Marc Carver As I sleep, touch your fingertips along my fingers and arms like a pianist for whom the music has stopped. Or even the air between and slight a gentle wave upon the quiet sea. Rest your cupped hand upon my […]

Fortune Teller

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Alan Ireland’s most recent poem to appear here was “Kismet” (March 2017) Fortune Teller By Alan Ireland Only a candle can illuminate the future. This caged flame, threatening conflagration, sits atop a tiny table. My palm unfolds like a roll of parchment, to be read by a wrinkled haruspex. You will go away, You will come […]