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The Beach

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Thom Young’s most recent poem to appear here was “Where the Men Go” (July 2017) The Beach By Thom Young lying on the beach with the ocean running in and out of her mind with the blood and half her leg chewed off by a Great White with dull black hued eyes and a symphony in […]

Downstairs / Upstairs

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “Waking Without You” (June 2017) Downstairs / Upstairs By Sandy Patton Existing Within Deafening Silence Locked behind closed doors of pretense Playing out passive games of charades Each Remaining Invisible To The Other  Cruel Words Once Sliced Far deeper than the sharpest blade Now, finally, she’s numb […]


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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Messiah” (July 2017) Cracker By Marc Carver Today is the only thing that matters. Tomorrow may never come I can’t work out what kinda man I want to be today. Soon I will crack open a few beers and then I will find out.

If Children Are the Future

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Wendy Freborg’s most recent poem to appear here was “Conversations Among Friends” (June 2017) If Children are the Future By Wendy Freborg If children are the future, my future has begun to walk. She toddles with a wide-based gait, a rocking stance, hands stretched at her sides. The joy of mastery is in every step. No […]


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Austin Brookner lives and writes in Austin, Texas.  ER By Austin Brookner Those horrible white lights And that incessant sound—whatever in the hell it was Metronomically stabbing If not for my haze and dampened faculties It would be unbearable “Why am I not dead?” Followed by “I have to get out of here” The black […]