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Green Water

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Rose Mary Boehm’s most recent poem to appear here was “Dreaming of Prometheus” (May 2020).

Green Water 
By Rose Mary Boehm

Jacques Fath was a French fashion designer,
one of the three major influences on post-WWII haute couture.

A fragrance for men.  They say
your Green Water’s top notes were
Bergamot, Petitgrain, Lemon, Orange and Peppermint.
How I loved your style, Jacques Fath.
In Mother’s home-sewn I saw it at the dentist’s.
Your latest for Rita Hayworth when she married
Prince Aly Khan.

Green Water for men. They mention
middle notes:  Lavender, Rose, Basil and
Clary Sage. How could you.
And how I loved your creations,
Jacque Fath. I didn’t even know about sex.
Tonka Bean, Musk. The base notes.

You married, Jacques. I checked out
your crinoline skirts. Not a chance.
Green Water for men.
Wide, flowing dresses for Greta Garbo.
Envy became a dull ache and sharp desire.

Your tour of the United States.
Scandalous rumors about Geneviève,
your wife. I did a twirl in front
of the mirror, but my skirt was too short.
Genevieve’s wardrobe: 35 outfits,
17 hats, 16 pairs of shoes, 10 handbags,
4 umbrellas, and numerous other accessories.
They sold you in Neiman Marcus.
“Jacques Fath for Joseph Halpert”.

When I read about your death, I was only
fourteen. You had made your mark.
On me.
It would take many years
before I grew out of me in your image.

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