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Released Episode
15  Apr  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet David Messineo Download
23  Feb  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Kirk Judd Download
19  Feb  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet CL Bledsoe Download
29  Jan  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Darryl Willis Download
27  Jan  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Emma Eden Ramos Download
26  Jan  2019 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet John Kaniecki Download
19  Aug  2018 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Ryan J. Torres Download
12  Aug  2018 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Elizabeth Stelling Download
05  Dec  2017 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Anthony Roberts Download
24  Nov  2017 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Poet Cassie Premo Steele Download
08  Nov  2017 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Author Cliff Brooks Download
29  Apr  2015 15 Minutes of Poetry with Emma Eden Ramos and Marymount Manhattan Review Download
06  Mar  2014 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry with Emma Eden Ramos Download
31  Jan  2014 Brittany Wilis and Tynan on 28 to Create Download
23  Jan  2014 Dale Leffler on Poety Pieces and Muses Download
16  Jan  2014 Frieda Landau on Writing Styles to Fit Stories Download
09  Jan  2014 Donnelle McGee and passages from "Naked" Download
02  Jan  2014 Puma Perl and the Spoken Word, Performance Extravaganza Download
26  Dec  2013 CL Bledsoe on his book Riceland Download
19  Dec  2013 Brian Fanelli and All That Remains Download
05  Dec  2013 A Chat with Angela Carter Download
28  Nov  2013 3rd Annual Thanksgiving w/ Ben Hobbs Download
09  May  2013 Author Jim Davis on his new book Assumption Download
13  Mar  2013 Authors Stan Galloway and Cliff Brooks Download
12  Mar  2013 Bridgewater International Poetry Festival Download
03  Jan  2013 Chet W. Sisk on Welcome to a Cooler World Download
22  Nov  2012 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Special w/ Ben Hobbs Download
25  Aug  2012 Dom Gabrielli's book A Strange Frenzy Download
03  Aug  2012 15 Minutes with Author Dom Gabrielli Download
01  Jun  2012 Charles Clifford Brooks on new books and inspirations Download
17  Apr  2012 Book Honoring Children of the Holocaust Download
16  Apr  2012 Cassie Premo Steele's Co-Creating Studio Download
05  Apr  2012 A Bank Robber's Bad Luck w/ his Ex-Girlfriend Download
30  Mar  2012 Kate Hammerich's advice to writers Download
22  Mar  2012 Alice Shapiro's and the journey to her new book Saltian Download
15  Mar  2012 John Yamus on everything March Madness Download
01  Mar  2012 Written All Over your Face{Book} by PM Pope Download
26  Jan  2012 Inspiration behind "Captured Moments" by Ellenelizabeth Cernek Download
12  Jan  2012 Craig Scott speaks on his work Download
08  Dec  2011 Ellen Kline McLeod on New Release "Garden" Download
24  Nov  2011 1st Annual Thanksgiving w/ Ben Hobbs Download
27  Oct  2011 Mark Wisniewski on "Show Up, Look Good" Download
29  Sep  2011 Vox Poetica's Best of the Net Nominations Download
15  Sep  2011 Stylicia Bowdern on "The Anthology of My Soul" Download
08  Sep  2011 How to write about things you don't want to write about Download
01  Sep  2011 Len Kuntz on his Body of Work Download
25  Aug  2011 Q & A with Annmarie Lockhart Download
18  Aug  2011 Amy Nathan: Writer, Blogger, Editor Extraordinaire Download
11  Aug  2011 Helen Vitoria Download
04  Aug  2011 Unbound Contents New Projects Download
21  Jul  2011 Joan McNerney talks Inspiration Download
14  Jul  2011 15 Minutes with Jim Valvis Download
19  May  2011 Kay Middleton on Poetry and Fiction Download
12  May  2011 Maxwell Baumbach Download
05  May  2011 Murray Dunlap on "Bastard Blue" His Collection of Short Stories Download
16  Apr  2011 Virginia Humanities Conference at Bridgewater College Download
31  Mar  2011 Corey Mesler on Poetry and Inspirations Download
25  Mar  2011 Writer Dee Thompson's Writing Inspiration Download
17  Feb  2011 Julie Ellinger Hunt Reads from her New Book Download
10  Feb  2011 Ray Sharp on Love Anthology Download
03  Feb  2011 Patrick Shea Poetry and Passion Download
20  Jan  2011 James Jean-Charles Blackberry Poetry Download
13  Jan  2011 Poetry Contest Winners!!! Download
30  Dec  2010 Joanna S. Lee Download
23  Dec  2010 Maxwell Baumbach Talks Chapbook Download
16  Dec  2010 Poetry News and Updates! Download
09  Dec  2010 Ray Brown from New Jersey Download
02  Dec  2010 Nate Spears First Collection of Poetry Download
25  Nov  2010 BR Belletryst Thanksgiving Talk Download
18  Nov  2010 Philip Pope on the Process Download
11  Nov  2010 Stylicia Bowden Download
04  Nov  2010 Gianluca D'Elia Update Download
28  Oct  2010 Micheal Hanson Download
14  Oct  2010 Joanie DiMartino reads from book "Strange Girls" Download
07  Oct  2010 Updates from Vox Poetica! Download
30  Sep  2010 Julie Ellinger Hunt on Inspiration Download
23  Sep  2010 BR Belletryst Best of Net Nomination Download
16  Sep  2010 Cassie Premo Steele Download
09  Sep  2010 15 Minutes w/ Gianluca D'Elia Download
02  Sep  2010 Special Surprise Guest!! Download
26  Aug  2010 Margaret Beaver talks Creative Process Download
19  Aug  2010 What SPARKs you? Download
12  Aug  2010 Amy Souza Download
05  Aug  2010 vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry Download
29  Jul  2010 Jonathan Aibel the Engineer and Writer Download
22  Jul  2010 Elizabeth Stelling on WAMPP Download
15  Jul  2010 Alice Shapiro Talks Writing in Different Places and Spaces Download
08  Jul  2010 Robert Louis Henry Editor of Leaf Garden Download
01  Jul  2010 Nathaniel Spears on Poetry and Motivation Download
24  Jun  2010 KJ Hannah Greenberg Download
17  Jun  2010 Gianluca D'Elia on Perspective Download
10  Jun  2010 New Projects and Inspirations with Lisa Marie Basile Download
02  Jun  2010 Dr. Stan Galloway on Poetry process form and function Download
27  May  2010 Cassie Premo Steele: Creativity, Healing and Inspiration Download
20  May  2010 From Blog to Book with Bryan Borland Download
13  May  2010 Nathaniel Spears' Poetry Motivations Download
06  May  2010 Robert CJ Graves on Poetry and the Imagination Download
29  Apr  2010 Bobbie Troy on Fairytales and Poetry Download
22  Apr  2010 Balancing Poetry and Life with Sarah Endo Download
15  Apr  2010 Telly McGaha's Road to Poetry Download
08  Apr  2010 Grace Burns on Motherhood and Madness Download
01  Apr  2010 Poetry and Beauty with BR Belletryst Download
25  Mar  2010 Poetry and Storytelling with Sara Fryd Download
18  Mar  2010 Manny Beltran on Overlapping Poetry and Painting Download
11  Mar  2010 Now Introducting 15 Minutes of Poetry w/ Jessie Carty Download

Print Collections and Anthologies:

Vox Poetica Inspirations: images & words

Inspirations: images & words
The first ever vox poetica anthology! This is a collection of the first two prompts page images and the poetry inspired by them. Available in print or downloadable PDF formats.









From 9/11 to a New Year

From 9/11 to a New Year

An anthology of the first three vox poetica Contributor Series: 9/11, Candy & Spirits, and Resolution and Resolve. With original cover art by Manny Beltran. Now available in print or PDFformats!
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