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Power of Wild

07.13.19 Posted in today's words by

Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was “Woodpile” (June 2019). Power of Wild By Molly Frederick A hawk skims low, then tips up slightly, to land under a maple tree in my backyard. Impatiently—his talons reach out to clutch and knead the gentle earth. Clearly, he is thinking of blood and fragile white […]

Magic Woods

07.12.19 Posted in today's words by

Charlene James-Duguid’s most recent poem to appear here was “Midnight Confession” (June 2019).  Magic Woods By Charlene James-Duguid We own a forest. Not just any forest but a magic stand of trees. Twenty manicured acres that exude Primordial Powers. Pagan callings to gods are buried Somewhere in the tangled roots, In the wealthy underground. We […]

Island Biodiversity

07.11.19 Posted in today's words by

Beth Bayley lives and writes in Singapore. Island Biodiversity By Beth Bayley The roach I killed yesterday was as big as a golf ball, which means it had been around for a long time, only to die an ignoble death at the hands of a rolled-up Yoga Journal. I first thought it was a hairball-tumbleweed […]

We Are the Seekers

07.10.19 Posted in today's words by

Jonathan Douglas Dowdle lives and writes in Gaffney, South Carolina. We Are the Seekers By Jonathan Douglas Dowdle Cross the purpose with intent, we reach down and lend a hand To ease the burden of the vow, and leave it weightless, And there are crosses that we bear, to tend the wounds beyond Repair, we […]

Summer’s End

07.09.19 Posted in today's words by

Nick Hawkins’ most recent poem to appear here was “What I Loved About this Year” (December 2017). Summer’s End By Nick Hawkins Everyday is a Summer’s end, as ripened foils, we tumble heavy to the ground, laying shadows of lost opportunity and fayre, whilst the sunset tells us it’s time to bed down in this […]

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