It's just poetry, it won't bite


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Maureen Donatelli’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ars Poetica” (June 2016) Universe By Maureen Donatelli Stars explode in my brain. I store comets in the chambers of my heart. My bones, these days are laced with black holes. This is how I time travel. It’s a daily occurrence. Spiral galaxies stretch my muscles. My […]

Sugar Maple Leaf…after the cynotype by Alexis Doshas

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Erren Gerraud Kelly’s most recent poems to appear here were “Sad But True” and “Untitled” (January 2017) Sugar Maple Leaf…after the cynotype by Alexis Doshas By Erren Gerraud Kelly Dreaming of northern lights As I’m walking the streets with you The stars burn white like your thighs From my touch We’re the only children of Twilight, tonight Though […]

The Orchid

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Sue Davis Gabbay’s most recent poem to appear here was “Weaving Potent Words” (January 2017) The Orchid By Sue Davis Gabbay Do you know, Miguel what that orchid meant? For seventy years I’ve treasured that memory. You returned to Bogotá You did not forget. The orchid came on my sixteenth birthday. Do you remember, Miguel Or […]

Mother Nature planned

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Charlene James-Duguid’s most recent poem to appear here was “Somber Garb” (January 2017) Mother Nature planned Tea. Father Time declined, with “Scotch, Dear, for me please.”


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Alan Ireland is a poet from New Zealand.  Kismet By Alan Ireland The wind arrives with sleeves rolled up. All day it stirs the cauldron of the sky. As thunder boils, the clouds explode. Each raindrop falls to its appointed place.