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A History for Samuel

03.31.14 Posted in today's words by

Michael H Brownstein wrote this poem. A History for Samuel By Michael H Brownstein I was raised on a farm with no indoor plumbing and her long strands of rainbow and leprechaun glitter slide down her back. Let’s remember Samuel, she says. This is not the story of my life. Sometimes the heart of a […]

Can I Bloom Again?

03.30.14 Posted in today's words by

Glenda Beall writes in Hayesville NC. Can I Bloom Again? By Glenda Beall Snow falls in Connecticut, sun shines in the south. February’s trees still gray and bare, but I see red-breasted robins, finches on the feeder, reminding me life’s cycle never ends. Can I bloom anew this year? Start over with a clean slate, […]

The Complexity of Technology

03.29.14 Posted in today's words by

Joan Fishbein’s work has appeared in The New Verse News, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Volume One, Poetica, Helicon Nine, The Frequency Anthology, and The Origami Poems Project of Rhode Island. She has work forthcoming in a multi-author chapbook published by Main Street Rag. Joan lives in Providence with her husband. The Complexity of Technology By […]

Best Man

03.28.14 Posted in today's words by

Kevin McCarthy wrote this poem. Best Man (for Dale Miller) By Kevin McCarthy We skied to a hot spring, and there was a great, simple rhythm to it: shush, shush, shush, shush, shush and silence when we stopped and puffs of vapor when we laughed, which was often Then the steaming nexus and those eccentric […]

Last Christmas

03.27.14 Posted in today's words by

Lou Pugliese’s most recent poem to appear here was Cud (April 2013). Last Christmas By Lou Pugliese When I was an angry young man I too was that guy The one who must be always right Proving others wrong I didn’t know the hurt I caused People who loved me thought we were going to […]

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