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No One’s Fault

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Sophie Chouinard’s most recent poem to appear here was “Conversation Piece” (June 2016)  No One’s Fault By Sophie Chouinard And pebbles on top of stones gathered under your feet: “À jamais” I heard them whisper— not like thunder, no, but loud enough to shatter teeth and make a chest meet its spine (hisses the air […]

Applied Arts

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Gary Beck’s most recent poem to appear here was “Poetry” (January 2011)  Applied Arts By Gary Beck A women’s group, cancer survivors, other afflictions, gather together write poetry, perform plays, life-affirming roles easing difficult days with rays of culture, refusing to give in to beckoning despair.


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Andrew Badger’s most recent poem to appear here was “I’m Busy Right Now” (June 2016)  Alleluia By Andrew Badger Snugly wrapped in sheet and quilt head safely buried in pillows, my inner voice sings hymns last sung aloud by me with faithful saints gathered to praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Alleluia Amen Each note, each […]

Earth from a cellar

07.23.16 Posted in today's words by

Ilona Martonfi’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Yellow House” (June 2016)  Earth from a cellar By Ilona Martonfi A man excavates a winter garden Orangerie in the Tuileries, Paris 1er arrondissement carries the clay from the bottom to the surface. It is the slow, dragging steps. Out of a hole in the earth. […]

A fearful thought

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The last poem by Sushant Supriye to appear here was “Yesterday Night in my Dreams” (June 2016)  A fearful thought (Hindi title: Daraawani Baat) Translated from Hindi By Sushant Supriye One day I returned home but it did not seem like my house. The house number was same but the relatives living in it seemed complete strangers. […]

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