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33 Gun Purchases, No Red Flags

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Thomas Locicero’s most recent poem to appear here was “Poem” (October 2017)

33 Gun Purchases, No Red Flags
By Thomas Locicero

It is too easy to label a man
who is mad a madman, and if we do,
why do we also search for his motive?
Why not let his motive be his madness?
Is a madman capable of planning?
Is he capable of choosing and then
following his volition into what
we would have no choice but to label madness?
We see a logic in his strategy,
but we choose “madness” to make sense of it.
He has an idea. He starts collecting.
He shows no agitation during his
purchases, no signs of insanity,
speaks pleasantly during each transaction,
just another man with the wise foresight
to buy a weapon with untraceable cash.
No background check required. He knows this.
If he chooses a pawn shop, he is confident.
He has no past. He is invisible.
Thirty-three gun purchases, no red flags.
If he has a past, he goes to the street.
He knows this. It is obvious. He knows that
no one suspects him. He is not suspect.
He does not curse government or praise God.
As far as anyone can see, he is you,
he is me. He is as normal as can be.
He knows the hotel will not check for guns.
He selects a room with a high vantage point.
He sets up cameras. He is meticulous.
He even gave thought to an escape plan.
Is a madman capable of doing this?
His loved ones saw no warning signs. How could they?
He was rational. He gave them nothing.
And here we are, arguing, because somehow
we manage to find words when we ought to be
speechless. But find me one man who is who
he ought to be. Soon our words will fall silent,
leaving this world like a host of bored ghosts.
We resort to spouting bumper stickers.
When we jerk our tears, our knees soon follow.
And the world keeps spinning. And the actress
had her lips done. Did you see that Hail Mary?
Until next time. Then we will resume. Then
we will do what we’ve always done. Nothing.

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