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Insanity’s Invocation

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J. Scott Price’s most recent poem to appear here was “Required Reading” (October 2018). Insanity’s Invocation By J. Scott Price Sitting with today snuggled in my lap, I’m reminded of the time when my mind went away for a sabbatical from reason, leaving me stranded in a land where reason was a shade of blue […]

Required Reading

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J. Scott Price lives and writes in Virginia. Required Reading By J. Scott Price Poet reads, poet ponders to a packed house of poor bastards forced to stillness and feigned attention for their grade. Smiling faces hide their inside-eyes rolling, while ears listen to tonight’s parties calling, and brains search out questions with a chance […]


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Here’s your prompt! Submit poem responses to: And if you have a photo or piece of artwork you took that you’d like us to consider as a Prompts image, send that as well!  Angelo’s By Sandy Patton Crowd in diner begins dwindling down, only a few stragglers linger over coffee; volume will pick up […]

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