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Baby’s Friends

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KJ Hannah Greenberg has brought us a real mix of theme and emotion in her writing (Sentiment’s ChowderMala’alot Dafna’s Center: Community TeichelMy Boyfriend Coughs up PlatitudesLiving as Though It Matters). This giggle of a poem is as delightful as the child who inspired it must be. Don’t we all know an infant like this and don’t we all wish we had captured some of the moments shown here? 

Baby’s Friends
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Purple-pink ricochet laughter floats
By dirty laundry, opened envelopes,
Plus nappy coupons ‘long our halls,
After your sitter’s been on call.

Tissue paper packages deck your shelves,
Where treasure bears smile among fabric selves.
Primary colored tubs pile by kitschy blocks,
Somebody’s grandparents spoil you lots.

Then Auntie’s doggies kiss you, jumping
Upon your minutiae, beyond your fumbling.
Floorward allies, they extend much praise,
For your nouveau, generous, highchair ways.

Waving, smiling, all gums, crawling,
Emphatically doorward; I capture you, small thralling.
Save you from glass, ensure your survival,
As you anticipate Daddy’s arrival.

Little kingship, your empire’s peopled fully
With subjects you can regularly bully.
Your snorts are cherished, your tweaks adored,
All’s right with your actions; your minions applaud!

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