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Best of the Net Nominations!

09.18.10 Posted in Award Nominees by

First ever vox poetica nominations for Best of the Net! I am blessed with the most awesome group of writers and you make an editor’s job difficult. The short list was long, the work was great. Here are the nominations, with links to the poems:

Idle Chatter , by BR Belletryst. This is a process poem that transcends the process.
The Only Way Signing Could Kill Us , by John Lee Clark. John’s deft use of humor delivers his point and enlightens the reader.
Joy Rising , by Sara Fryd. This poem is a delicacy, nostalgic yet unsentimental, a testimony to the complicated interplay between memory and love.
Green House , by Robert CJ Graves. Each word builds upon the last, a structure of symbol and suggestion that readers will interpret in a million different ways. What can I say? I love it.
First Practice , by Andrea Lani. This is a clear-eyed crystallization of the tension in motherhood, that seesaw balancing devotion to one’s offspring and the desire to preserve one’s boundaries.
Synesthesia , by Ray Sharp. This is the most ranging and experimental poem of Ray’s vox poetica work, crafted and precise but retaining a wondrous sense of freedom.

Join me in congratulating our nominees! Thank you for giving me a first year overpopulated with amazing poetry!
–Annmarie Lockhart

5 Responses to “Best of the Net Nominations!”

  1. Jean says:

    Wow! Congratulations nominees, and to Vox Poetica, WOO HOO!

    I am thrilled to be on the same pages with each of you!!! Jean Hendrickson

  2. Congrats, to all of you. You make us proud. Vox Poetica rocks!

  3. bobbie troy says:

    Wonderful news!

  4. Mariah says:

    Congratulations! Andrea’s poem is one of my all-time favorites!

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