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15 Minutes of Poetry with Author Cliff Brooks

11.08.17 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

Author Cliff Brooks makes a return appearance to talk about his new books, Athena Departs and Exiles of Eden, his many other endeavors, and the aesthetic of contemporary poetry of the American South.

15 Minutes of Poetry | Emma Eden Ramos, Marymount Manhattan Review

04.29.15 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

15 Minutes of Poetry returns to the air with a new episode! Featuring Emma Eden Ramos and the Marymount Manhattan Review, this episode will include original poems and a discussion of craft, particularly as it relates to the arc of a writing career and artistic development. We will touch on inspiration and discipline and we […]

vox poetica’s 15 Minutes of Poetry with Emma Eden Ramos

03.06.14 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

Author Emma Eden Ramos is today’s guest. She’ll talk about her new book, Still at Your Door: A Fictional Memoir, and the use of poetic language in fiction.

Brittany Wilis and Tynan on 28 to Create

01.31.14 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

Listen to Brittany Wilis and Tynan talk about 28 to Create, a daily prompt-based challenge that takes place for the month of February. Its purpose is to enliven artists who might need an extra creative push or who just want to have fun, and it culminates in a community of people sharing their work. Check […]

Dale Leffler on Poetry Pieces and Muses

01.23.14 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

Listen to Dale Leffler talk about writing poetry, reading poetry, and where to find inspiration on today’s episode. He’ll tell us about the benefits of writers’ retreats, creativity exercises, and sharing one’s writing in a workshop setting.

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