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Chicome Acatl Izcalli Ome Tochtli / Seven Reed Resurgence Two Rabbit

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Jose Trejo’s most recent poem to appear here was “Winters Breeze” (February 2018)

Chicome Acatl Izcalli Ome Tochtli/
Seven Reed Resurgence Two Rabbit

It’s the fertile ground you breathe.
Like ink bleeds:

Universe enclosed in a fist.
Weave words here:
crash sight.

This isn’t too look into the past.
Right now shift
clear blue lagoon fractures into iris.

Glare night
Next Ocelote/Tecuani
Citlalin Tlamina.

Eyes in the DNA
shatters might:

Eclipse light
shadows covered
as pen streaks Heart of Sky.

Right now sift
breathe forest of light
Jaguars keep.

A school cannot teach.
Universe caught in invisible thoughts
of Temples gleam.

Chicuey Ocelotl Izcalli Ome Tochtli/
Eight Jaguar Resurgence Two Rabbit

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