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Come Home

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Barbara Tramonte’s most recent poem to appear here was “Hollow Body” (August 2018).

Come Home
By Barbara Tramonte

While bubbling
With expectation
Garner mucus
For the journey
Crayfish with shells
Like farts
And half-eaten peals
Of laughter
Die by half
In rehab
A donkey carcass
Beaten to glue
OT, PT, whip it
Speak with switches and
Greased ground clock parts

Machine or man
Machine or woman
Which, as you die?
Sharp hook in your tender
Knowledge parading
As knowing
Knowledge frozen
By a fierce stoppage of fear
Bubbling up
You know
You know
106th Street—the home
Where you may be in a meeting
With your maker
The life with fish and pudding
And the glad rag
Honey bunches
You spread in rows
For planting
Have come home.


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