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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Salmon” (April 2018).

By Marc Carver

As I go for my normal walk of the day
I see a truck with a picture of a hippo on the side.
We are here to clear you out, it says on the side.
The truck pulls up to me slowly.
“Hello mate, we are looking for Bradels Field.”
I think about it for a while.
“I know it is around here somewhere, I think if you go back to the main road and over on the right.”
He didn’t listen to me and took the first right.
I thought about going over and telling him
but I walked away as quick as I could.
When I walked around the corner I saw the sign.
Bradels Field.
He knew where he was all along
it was me
who was always lost.

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