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Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, On reaching 50

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We reached 38 poems with this one–no, it’s not 50, but it’s a good number and this is a fine poem to end the series with.

Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays
On reaching 50
By Joe Massingham

Half a century is more
than many batsmen score
but even this satisfaction
doesn’t hold much attraction
to set against the fears and
uncertainties of batting on
an increasingly worn
pitch. Each over reveals the need
for more straps, headgear, gloves and
guards, not to mention glasses.
We drink more as we progress
then need to lose more or stress
over possible tell-tale patches.
Mishits, cowshots, and catches,
I’ve played my innings so far
happily. But I’m less sure
about batting on, only to
lose my wicket in the late
sixties or early eighties.
I think I might declare now,
retire to the bar and
offer someone else a go.

Joe Massingham’s poem Night Storm appeared here in September 2011.

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