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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words, Fame

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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words
By Ian Gammie

There was silver in my jar
that I pocketed for a paper.
No one reads them these days,
but I saw your piece, it said
looking for fame.
Now I’m swiping plastic cards,
stacking up hours to buy broken
adventures on turbo engine planes.
Then I’ll get a parallel plot,
Hello, I’m         , I’ll say,
and I think we’d get on ok.
I followed the paper trail to find
your name: it’s pretty wrapped in ink.
And I think that was bold,
it’s tough never to be heard.
I’m sure, you’ve ran your ad before,
hoping someone would pick it up
and put silver in your pocket.
Promise me, when you’ve made it,
you’ll let it all burn away,
until you find what you’re looking for;
then say that was never the goal,
you always wanted something more.

Ian Gammie’s poem Again with Fashion appeared at vox poetica in August 2010.

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