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Dancing to Twilight

11.26.14 Posted in today's words by

Kay Middleton and Mark Gooch collaborated on this poem. 

Dancing to Twilight
By Kay Middleton and Mark Gooch

Sunshine, warmth on my face
motoring carefree, radio blaring
Suddenly a sound,
a sideways impact,
I know no one
I see you
walking toward me
white flowing gown,
skin fair
eyes of blue.
You hold my hand,
we float to the dance
hold each other tight
consumed by warmth.

We dance perfectly
every step,
move in harmony.
Have we danced before?

DOA the nurse exclaims,
monitors show flat lines.

No reason to hurry
we kiss
…..dancing together
body pressing body
passion explodes
lost in the moment
…..the party faces
and Twilight dances.


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