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Dogs and Their People

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John Grey’s most recent poem to appear here was “Jessica, the Late Blonde Bombshell” (September 2017).

Dogs and Their People
By John Grey 

Lisa has two poodles.
They’re highly intelligent, energetic and sociable.
So is she.

Max and his bulldog,
also called Max,
are a pair.
Dour but not aggressive.
Not all that easy to shift from the couch.

And then there’s Brad
with his brand new Bassett hound.
True, Brad lacks the chamois-like
floor-sweeping ears.
And, if he has a tail,
he’s never mentioned it.

But there’s the shared mournful looks,
slow droopy eyes,
as if all the problems of the world
are barely contained
in their low logs of body.

Brad complains a lot.
The dog just slobbers.
Combine the two,
they could run for office.

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