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Dress Quietly

07.06.18 Posted in today's words by

Al Black lives and writes in Columbia, South Carolina.

Dress Quietly
By Al Black

Half-awake you listen to birds sing
and ponder whether the shadow stairs
the window blinds have cast upon the wall
lead down into or up and out of the room.

You want to grab your clothes
that lie scattered on the floor,
dress quietly, let yourself out
and drive home.

But instead, you gather up all the clothes
feel the weight and heft of nakedness,
dress quietly, fold and place theirs neatly
on the foot of the bed.

You make coffee in the kitchen
sit at the small table by the window
and wait for them to wake
and walk barefoot into the room.

You leave the souvenir cup from Liverpool
that says ‘Let it be’ next to the coffee pot
and hope they will sit with you and talk about
where your friendship goes from here.

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