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Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)

07.29.13 Posted in words to linger on by

KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was Infatuation, More Honestly (June 2013). A little bird tells me to expect a new chapbook by this brilliant writer late next year …

Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Breakfast chatter brings
Wedding bells, does sing
Bright images.
I return your song,
For our dreams belong,
To tomorrow’s child. Our strong
Ardor beats back time’s edge.

Pomp and circumstance,
Prior to such romance,
Preceding our sweet chance
To realize hopes.
Books, great country miles,
Circumvent such style,
Should we choose to while
Away our days by rote.

Still, faith lends love great strength,
Endurance, spark, plus length,
Fidelity feeds truth’s rank,
As a future befriended.
Two hearts twinned in promise,
We’ll victor this distance,
Overcome the test,
Beloved, we’ll transcend.

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