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Kate Hammerich’s most recent poem to appear here was Robin (July 2013).untitledBy Kate Hammerich To my father and my brother: I hate you for not losing what I will loseI hate you for not being capable of such loss.. And for not allowing me to speak of such, for stumbling to the end of sorrow alone, unspoken, […]


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Sarah Endo’s most recent poem to appear here was this (February 2013). LiterallyBy Sarah Endo The radio host intones,“Cape Cod National Seashore isliterally washing away,” which is dispiritingto an aging Atlantic aficionado, but also amusingto a lifelong language loverbecause “littorally” means having to do with the shore–the listener is at least ninety-nine percent sure. A confirmatory Google search […]

What the Women Wrote, 4

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This is the fifth in an ongoing series of poems written by women living with cancer. The most recent poem in the series to appear here was What the Women Wrote, 3 (April 2013). What the Women Wrote, 4By the Women Who Know The question:Ain’t I a woman?is so powerful and real.Can’t I produce greatness, brilliance,and pure […]

Savior perspectives

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Charlotte Rauner’s most recent poem to appear here was Blue and crisp (June 2013). This poem was part of a collection that won honorable mention in the Scholastic Poetry Contest. Savior perspectivesBy Charlotte Rauner Her savior shook. She needed. We were lost. Her savior stumbled. She wanted. We were helpless. His fear was contagious Her eagerness was […]

Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was Infatuation, More Honestly (June 2013). A little bird tells me to expect a new chapbook by this brilliant writer late next year … Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)By KJ Hannah Greenberg Breakfast chatter bringsWedding bells, does singBright images.I return your song,For our dreams belong,To tomorrow’s child. […]

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