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08.08.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Sarah Endo’s most recent poem to appear here was this (February 2013).

By Sarah Endo

The radio host intones,
“Cape Cod National Seashore is
literally washing away,” which is dispiriting
to an aging Atlantic aficionado,

but also amusing
to a lifelong language lover
because “littorally” means having to do with the shore–
the listener is at least ninety-nine percent sure.

A confirmatory Google search leads to a blog,
from Brooks Brothers; an entry, entitled “Littorally literary”;
and a list of suggested beach reading, including
Payback at Morning Peak, by Gene Hackman.

Wait–Gene Hackman, the actor, writes?
The oracle at Google reveals that indeed
Hackman co-authored three novels with a friend
who, it turns out, was an underwater

archaeologist, who worked for
the National Park Service, which, of course,
oversees the Cape Cod National Seashore,
which is littorally washing away.

3 Responses to “Literally”

  1. Jean says:

    Well-written, informative, funny! Thank you, Sarah

  2. KC Bosch says:

    nice, and funny.
    Love the line
    “The oracle at Google reveals”

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much!

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