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Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was Antidote (May 2013).

By Richard Schnap

I remember her eyes
The way one remembers
The headlights of a car
Arriving to take you home

And I remember her scent
The way one remembers
The perfume of a rose
As it opens to the sky

And I remember her voice
The way one remembers
The cry of a train
In the loneliness of the night

But I remember most her touch
The way one remembers
A cool subtle breeze
Beneath the blistering sun

2 Responses to “Communion”

  1. Jean says:

    Lovely. Siiiigh!

  2. Paul Strohm says:

    Whatever makes a good poem should be used again and again. There’s a narrative here which most of us have heard before in other good poems. Nothing is ever truly new, yet again a good poet makes new something dry and worn. I like this poem.

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