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Mr (finally) Right

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Kerri Simons is a high school teacher who hails from a small farm town in Northwest Illinois. She currently lives in Chicago. Once she discovered how reading changed her life, she began to write. Kerri writes to process her own experiences and hopes readers will relate to and take solace from her words.

Mr (finally) Right
By Kerri Simons

Dear future husband,

You are not the half that makes me whole (I am 100% me all by myself). I’m sorry
but you are not my whole world (I need my world to include all of my interests–
and yours). My love, you do not complete me (I am fulfilled without you). We
will never be the two that become one (I fell in love with you when you were just
you and I was just me). You are not my number one nor do I love you more than
I love myself (I made a choice a long time ago to love myself first, so that I am able
to give as well as receive love). I will never be Mrs You (I am not a shiny new toy
you get to rename).


You are my best friend. You enhance my happiness like no one else could. You are
genuine. Considerate. The kind of attractive that makes me say to myself at a
party: “I can’t wait to get home … ” You are clever and smart. Motivated and
laid-back. I often catch myself gazing from a distance, admiring the man you are
as the tingle from my heart is translated to thought: “How did I get so lucky?”
Best of all, I love you for you–not because you Jerry Maguire me in any way.
I love you because you are strong enough to let me.

Love always,


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