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Two Fish

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Barbara van der Vossen’s most recent poem to appear here was “Birth Flower of a Honeybee” (June 2017)

Two Fish
By Barbara van der Vossen 

Puddle of Pisces a shimmering dither
Little koi fishies, come hither come hither.
Eyes wax with the moon so luminous bright
Wane introspective on a solemner night.
Cross-current turbulence flippering fins
Not the one, I am two, circled to swim.
Projecting goodwill on the fish that I see,
Mirrored reflections not them, it was me.
Thrown lines I’ll bite quickly, appetite whetted
I’ll pull you with me, it’s a wild one you netted.
Salt water shine on the hook in my cheek,
Unhook me gently I’ll try to be meek.
Memories long but the lessons writ blank
Yours in an ocean, belly up in a tank.

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