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Hands Heave to Harm and Hamper

01.22.10 Posted in today's words by

Jha is a poet and scholar from India. By way of introduction, he uses
these words: “Dear Friend, I am not a prolific bard; I have something
to say, though I’m nothing more than a singing bird, hungry to coin a
word and live by pen and not the sword.” Vivekanand’s heartfelt poem
seems chosen by cosmic design at this time of sheer devastation in

Hands Heave to Harm and Hamper
By Vivekanand Jha

Our hands heave
To harm and hamper,
Not to help and heal.

Not to assist
The damsel in distress

Not to ease
The woes of widows

Not to prohibit
Abusive child labor

Not to curb
Prevailing poverty

What relief we might feel
If we taught our hands to help and heal.

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