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Heading Out to Drink

05.15.18 Posted in today's words by

J. H. Johns has appeared in The Five-Two Poetry Journal, FishFood Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, The Ibis Head Review, Former People Journal, Torrid Literature Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Parody Poetry, Syndic Literary Journal, Ygdrasil (Canada), and many other publications.

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Heading Out to Drink
By J.H. Johns

Drinking beer—
on the sly at thirteen—
in Albarto’s Pizzeria,
was one thing;

getting a
scotch and soda—
at sixteen—

there was planning involved;

pick a concert to go to
that’ll draw a sellout
at Kleinhans Music Hall;

don’t shave for a couple of weeks;
wear a very nice dress shirt—
no tie, open at the collar—
and dress shoes;

after that,
top it all off
with a London Fog—
worn open—
trench coat;

glide up to the bar;
then, turn away
so as to watch the crowd
for a bit;

turn back;
lean on the bar
like you’ve seen
so many people do
at you father’s bar;

nod to the bartender;
pull a free coaster over to you;
bring out a nice wad of cash—
a few twenties, tens, some
singles for a tip;

and then order—

when asked—

“What’ll ya have?”

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