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I am . . .

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Sydney Blondell is a student at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia, home of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival

I am . . . 
By Sydney Blondell

First and foremost a woman.
The product of being raised by
a strong, single mother. The only
person on this earth who shares
my mother’s eyes.

A city, a namesake, and a violin.
Ich bin Deutsche.
Jsem Cech.
Je suis Francais.
The list goes on.

A twenty year old ready to see the world.
My introverted self becomes slightly
more extroverted each day.
My humor escapes me when I am
surrounded by my chosen family.

I am every word you read,
but I will always be
a city, a namesake, and a violin
and that is me.

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