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If It Would Stop Raining

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Jonathan Douglas Dowdle’s most recent poem to appear here was “If I Could” (November 2019).

If It Would Stop Raining
By Jonathan Douglas Dowdle

If it would stop raining in my heart
I’d turn toward your beauty
Like sunlight
To eclipse these sorrows.

Hour by hour has dwindled
Those like us
Trying to make the world
More fair
And this is the debt we pay
To dig up our strength
To be fierce
In our gentleness.

I tell you
That your eyes might glimpse
Through broken hours
The light and softness
Of any heart
Only means
You must contain a spark of it
In your own magic.

The world grows weary
Feeding on brokenness
And the past can rise
To eat the bones of another future
To twist the heart
As a confession
In the way we treat each other.

Still, our kindness against each avalanche
Each kiss of fire
Of winter
Of each dead end day
Caught in the scramble
Is another confession
Which says:
“It is only the good in our hearts, which does not die.”

Through all the savage hours brokenness
I still forgive
All the broken things in life
Each moment can be
Poison or medicine.

I would speak my heart
As the medicine
As the deepest conviction
That does not give way
And beneath the hues
Of your own dusky light
I am only witness to
Your own unfaltering kindness
As you tell me I am the light that speaks
Through each season
Of your rain.

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