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In the fall

11.29.12 Posted in words to linger on by

Helen Losse’s most recent poem to appear here was Facing One’s Weakness(November 2011).  

In the fall
By Helen Losse


September’s saddle shoes
define our school days,

when it’s still too hot
to wear new clothes,

but before the month is over,
cool wind blows the leaves,

now red & golden.


October’s Halloween
will surely bring rain.

Dried corn and scarecrows
join purple and brown mums.

Who will bob for apples?
Most of us covet bags

of gooey, chocolate candy.


November’s nights–
a bonfire before a game,

a cookout with friends. We’l
vote for president this year,

and no matter who wins,
we’ll pray at Thanksgiving, when

one turkey literally gets lucky.


December’s excitement
comes after the solstice. Exams

and semester’s end come first. A few
early snowflakes & three running deer

slip into the landscape. Four days into
winter, we hear, Peace on Earth. O,

that we would believe that message.

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