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A Man’s Dreams

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Elora Shore’s most recent poem to appear here was Time in the Sand (October 2012). Her poetry has also appeared at Moon Drenched Fables and Grey Sparrow Journal.

A Man’s Dreams
By Elora Shore

Your cawing calls circle in the sky
And I walk this dusty road.
Did you intend the snubs
To drown my declarations
in the shrill insults of brutishness,
Coarse laughter,
And harsh, withering glances?
The road is so long
And the sky is wide,
Yet still I feel you
All around, on every side.
I feel you blow through holes–
In my coat, in my shoes
The gaps in my tattered cap
Trying for the essence that is my soul.
Was it just for fun, I wonder.
Do the men of this world
Get some freakish, fleeting pleasure
From all those needles of pain
And stabs of despair
Or did they truly
Just want to put a gun to the dreams
Of those who walk this road but for a little while?


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