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Mommy Woes

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent appearance at vox poetica brought us the marvelous Betsy the Barn Cow: A Suffragette’s Lament. Listen to the “indomitable Mommy writer” herself as she speaks about this poem and her other work on vox poetica’s 15 Minutes of Poetry. This poem is a classic, speaking to the authentic experience of motherhood in real time.

Mommy Woes
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

The sunlight waves, teasing.
While milk-laden breasts bring
Back front porch approaches
After wagons’ birth suitcases.

School children smile, believing,
Not (years’ discipline wrings
Teacher-hearts boasted
By baby-stained places).

Old friends call, receiving
Nothing. Money miracles hinged,
Private dreams roasted,
Dad’s gone to the races.

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