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A New Psalm

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Tim J Brennan’s poetry can be found in many nice places, among them Talking Stick, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Lake (UK), and The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology. Brennan’s plays have played widely in places such as Chicago, San Diego, Bethesda, Rochester MN, and most recently at Heartland Theatre in Bloomington IL.

A New Psalm
By Tim J Brennan

One day you notice
your favorite shirt is now
hot red, not starched blue;
the outside porch lights
are shaped like pineapples

you wonder if today is the day
for that epiphany you’ve been
waiting for since you were twelve

maybe your lover is now Irish,
a lassie who tilts her head slightly
when she kisses you

you could see yourself falling
in love every day for the rest
of your life


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