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Susan Sweetland Garay’s most recent poem to appear here was Accumulation (March 2013). 


By Susan Sweetland Garay

On my way to lunch yesterday
I saw and stopped
and took a photo of
a lovely glass door,
only later noticing my own
reflection in it.

I fear that I may have
accidentally become two faced,
two faceted. O dear.
I cannot help it
I think and
put the book down,
reaching for another.
I would not
call it indecision.
I would not know
what to call it.

As a child I was never scared of monsters
under the bed or in my closet
but I did have dreams of my bear
coming to life with a bomb in his belly.

Perhaps it was a thing I saw somewhere,
I can’t be sure.

After that I never did much like that bear.

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