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Yousef Hilmy is a 17-year-old student from Orange County CA. In his free time he enjoys reading, writing, playing soccer, and traveling. He is Egyptian and fluent in Arabic. He also speaks conversational Spanish. He hopes to get a PhD in comparative literature or literary theory and become a professor. He would love to live in NYC when he is older. Visit his blog.

By Yousef Hilmy

each day she tackles her way
out of white blankets,
bed messy and hair tangled
wild and free, Night with its ebony
skin covers the sky, the sun as yet

she is the victor
head down, facing northeast
light creeps through the blinds
and blinds

she keeps her eyes shut
tired, a distilled sleepiness
and the day haunts
like a night of insomnia

the remainder of this day
will be spent conquering
mathematical equations,
the pain when one goes
unsolved stings like jellyfish
deep down, thousands
of leagues under the sea

she wishes she was asleep
but she faces each new day
because she has people
to please and classes
to pass and prayers to pray

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