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Say Something Beautiful

10.29.12 Posted in words to linger on by

Boo Boo Cousins is a singer, poet, songwriter, musician, and producer. He has been making waves in New York and throughout the Northeast, layering a unique blend of live instruments and cutting edge music technology, pioneering a sound all his own. He has performed at various venues throughout the New York City area and his music has been used in films, TV, and visual multimedia presentations. Mr Cousins has helped educate youth via music programs, writing workshops, and anti-bullying curricula. Influenced by those that came before him, he plans to keep mixing art and life through writing, culture, visuals, and music. Click here to see a reading of this poem. Visit his website.

Say Something Beautiful
By Boo Boo Cousins

Coming from the days of living in Cali
she bends over on the table
this is far from the valley
She makes her way to the boss at the other table
tips were no good so she works another hour
From her childhood she never understood
why mom and dad had to fight
things were never good
I never saw what her name was
name tag was faded
guess it could have started with something with an E
sharing things with me like company
she said to me
I feel kinda sad cause my life shouldn’t be
bills and stress, oh what a mess
everyday I fell like I’m so useless

Pop, pop, pop
goes the gun from his fist
as he shoots a warning sign
to the gangsters in his midst
He sees everyday that he’s got to be real
how’d he get this assignment
of knowing how to deal
He wants to go to school without being ridiculed
but the kids in his clique won’t let him make that move
so he plays the post he knows it the most
so the money looks good he keeps a burner of his choice
He talks to me like he knows me
I can’t solve it
He says he wants a new way of life
not involved in making enemies
trying to move keys, legal penalties
is he in to deep I just can’t see

I see you in a beautiful place
I see you with a smile on your face
and when I’m not able to get my mind stable
you say something beautiful
say something beautiful … 

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